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  • Cleaning action is supplied by a high pressure water pump (multiple pump  flows and pressures available) powered by either a diesel engine or gas engine.
  • Protective one piece shrouding with hinged, locking doors for the protection of interiorcomponents.
  • Tandem or single axle design.


The Model 747-FR2000 "Rotator Jet" With The "Automatic Hose Reel Level Wind"
The Number One Selling Rotating Reel Trailer Jet is available with an "Automatic Hose Reel Level Wind". This unique device allows the operator to watch as the high pressure sewer hose travels up and cleans the pipe. The "Automatic Level Wind" will automatically wind the sewer hose without the operator contacting the sewer hose or any other dangerous substances which may cling to the sewer hose or level wind. This unit is available with a pendant control (with a 25' cord) or the cordless remote unit.
Click here for a diagram of the "Automatic Level Wind" positioning features.

Duraprolene Water Tank

  • The Model 747-FR2000 "Rotator Jet" is available with a Duraprolene water tank with 1/2" thick walls and true top to bottom baffles.
  • The U.V. stabilized Duraprolene material will never rust or corrode, is flexible in nature and will not crack.
  • The unique tank design eliminates any tank sloshing or distortion.
  • The Duraprolene tank is repairable - it is manufactured from the "Ground Up" at our state of the art facility.

Truck Mounted Versions Available

The model 747-FR2000 "Rotator Jet" is also available as a truck mounted unit. These truck mounted jets are available with gas or diesel auxiliary engine drive, hydrostatic drive or P.T.O. drive. Custom units can be equipped with complete tool box and skirting packages as well as heated, fully shrouded rear compartments.


  • Lateral Cart Cleaning Kit - This lateral kit allows better access to remote work sites and smaller sewer lines. Kit is available with a tongue mounted storage platform, and comes equipped with 100' to 200' of 1/2" or 1/4" sewer hose and nozzles.
  • Available with custom nozzle packages including the Patriot Root & Grease Cutter, penetrator nozzles, grease nozzles, sand nozzles and large culvert cleaning nozzles.
  • See our Parts & Accessories section for a wide variety of parts and tools available for the 747-FR2000 Rotator Jet.
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