Model 800-H



The 800-H is the industry standard for rear mounted fixed reel jetters. The 800-H features hydrostatic drive, many pump options, and world class electronics all located in the heated rear compartment.  The 800-H truck jet features as standard the industries only 3/4" thick, 1500 gallon Duraprolene water tank.  This tank offers one of a kind reparability and adds the safety of a honeycomb of baffles inside to make this an incredibly safe machine as well.

Length: 22'6"
Width: 8'4"
Height: 11'1"
Max Water Capacity: 1500 Gallon
Axle Configuration: SIngle or Tandem Axle
Max Hose Capacity: 1000'
Hose Size: 1/2" - 1"
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